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Hello friends, as you may have noticed, my name is Vector! I worked in various fields such as Instagram, where I wrote web scripts and managed various types of pages, and also Telegram, where I was building a telegram and scripting robot, and in the blockchain platform, where I was building token and trader bots, as well as I also created many sites on the Internet!, And I also created many sites that were in different fields! I also work in the field of hacking and security, as well as making applications for Android and IOS, as well as making small games for the computer, as well as making discord robots and making scripts in the Discord program. . . Thank you for taking the time to read!


My favorite languages for systems programming, software engineering, and data analysis.


My preferred technologies for front-end web development and component design.


My preferred technologies for back-end web programming and database architecture.


My favorite tools for version control, code editing, and container orchestration.

Featured Projects

Trading Bot

Trading Bot


I wrote an automated trading robot that uses Python and you can use it for exchanges like Bainance and Kucoin . . . use

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Instagram Script


The script that has the most features is written in Python language, you do not need to waste time for the list proxy, and the script automatically gets a proxy and the rest of the features are cool

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Interesting Mini Games

Interesting mini-games

There is a small website for you that has funny and attractive mini-games. I hope you enjoy it..

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